After Hours Procedures

After business hours if you have an emergency, go directly to the Emergency Room. 

If you have a non-urgent question that does not require a doctor’s answer, I recommend calling the Harris County Ask a Nurse hotline at 713-633-CALL (2255), your insurance ask a nurse hotline, or researching on Web MD (you can also call your pharmacy for medication dosing questions). 

There is also an abundance of information available in “Is Your Child Sick” section.  If you have an urgent question and need to speak to the doctor, call the clinic number and you will be transferred to the on call phone where you can leave a message and a return call will be made. 

Please reserve this for urgent/emergent calls only.  As our name states we put families first and after business hours is our family time.  As such we will be closed for all major holidays so our employees can spend time with their families.