Well Child Visits

The typical schedule for well child check-ups are: at 3 days old (if discharged less than 48 hours after birth); 2 weeks old; 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 months old. After that it is recommended that children have an exam once a year (typically near their birthday so it is easier to remember). We recommend doing all well child check-ups for those under the age of 2 before 10 AM to avoid exposure to any ill children. 
Family First Pediatrics is dedicated to the health of children, and therefore highly recommends all routine vaccinations. Based on physicians' beliefs and commitment, we will not accept new patients whose parents refuse to vaccinate.
Teenagers present a unique situation. With teenagers it is often necessary for us to see them in private, for their comfort. We reserve the right to keep anything they tell us confidential, as they are blossoming adults. We will encourage them to discuss any issues with their parents, and will offer to help facilitate such discussions if needed. We will not share information provided in confidence with the parents unless we feel the issue jeopardizes the patient’s health or safety, and we will discuss it with them before any disclosures are made. Any child over the age of 16 may be seen without a parent if they have a note from the parent authorizing treatment excluding vaccines and procedures.